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To register for the Boston Job Fair, you are required to create an account on Symplicity at
Please note that this Symplicity account is separate from your law school’s Symplicity account.
Student registration is from May 15th, 2015 to July 10th, 2015.

Eligible Students: Rising second year (2Ls) law students (rising third year (3Ls) only if student attends a 4-year program) Employers are interviewing students only for 2016 summer associate positions. Graduates and LLM candidates are not eligible.

Registration: Students must complete an academic profile by uploading a resume and law school transcript- including spring 2015 grades—unofficial copies are acceptable). Do not upload transcripts that contain watermarks.  

Important!- Job Fair Details:

  • Students cannot bid on employers; BLG Members select the students they wish to interview. The BLG cannot guarantee that every student who registers will receive an interview.
  • For security purposes, student registration cannot be processed without the email verification step. If you do not confirm your e-mail address, your account will not be activated. The BLG will delete all inactive accounts on July 10th, 2015.
  • Students are not required to upload writing samples at the time of registration, although the BLG recommends that you bring along a writing sample to the job fair.
  • Prior to July 10th, 2015, student registration will remain pending. You will receive an email from the BLG approving your documents on or before the student registration deadline. If the BLG does not receive all required registration materials by midnight, July 10th, 2015, your account will be deleted from the database and you will not have an opportunity to participate.

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 General Hiring Criteria Lottery Selections

The hiring process is highly competitive; therefore, the member organizations will adhere to the same hiring criteria they use when seeking candidates through the on-campus interview process. The hiring criteria may include:

  • A strong GPA;

  • Law Review or Law Journal, Mock Trial or Moot Court experience

  • Prior employment

  • Strong legal research, writing, and analytical skills.

Ultimately the member organizations determine the qualifications that best meet their hiring requirements.

The BLG hopes that every participating student will receive at least one interview. Students who have been selected for one or more interviews can potentially obtain additional interviews through the lottery selection process.

Opportunities for additional interviews may occur during the scheduling process, prior to the student receiving a final schedule, or on the day of the job fair. The availability of a lottery interview on the day of the job fair is based on a first come, first served basis.

Note: If an employer selects a student for an interview and the student withdraws from that interview, the student will not receive additional interviews through the lottery selection process.


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